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New Innovative composite products from the recycling of waste
materials from agricultural and physical resources


with the co-funding of Greece and European Union


The PHRESCO project concerns the recycling and reuse of agricultural and marine residues for the production of added value products, thus contributing to the promotion of circular economy.


Exploiting residual biomass can make a significant contribution to the transition to a circular economy. The wood composite industry is an important part of this economy. However, chemicals from non-renewable resources are still used in this industry. Developing products entirely out of renewable materials would conduce further towards sustainability. The object of PHRESCO is the use of Posidonia leaves (marine waste) along with agricultural residues for manufacturing innovative panels of new aesthetics and improved properties using adhesives based on renewable raw materials.

CHIMAR HELLAS S.A., an innovative company active internationally in the industrial research and development of adhesives and related chemicals, along with PHEE, a company  engaged in the development of materials utilizing natural waste and the teams of Professor Bikiaris and Professor Chrissafis of AMDe Lab, with the necessary experience and appropriate laboratory equipment for polymer synthesis are working together to: 

1. Create panels from agricultural waste and marine waste 
2. Develop adhesive resins from renewable resources
3. Introduce innovative products in the market made entirely of renewable materials

Project Coordination: CHIMAR HELLAS S.A. (Papadopoulou Electra)
Principal Investigator: CHIMAR HELLAS S.A. (Papadopoulou Electra)

Duration: 28/02/2020-27/08/2023


Visit the project's website:

Publications in international scientific journals

  1. Kinetic evaluation of the crosslinking of a low-temperature cured biobased epoxy-diamine structure

Poster presentations in international conferences 

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